Fibre Optics to the Premises for Olds

Olds Town Council recently passed a bylaw that will give it the ability to provide funding of up to six million dollars for the project. However it should be noted that the committment is conditional upon positive results  from  a predictive suvey to determine the community potential useage which is often referred to as the ‘take up rate’. Secondly Town administration will also be undertaking its independent ‘due dilgence “of the projects business plan to  determine  the fibre optic networks viability. There must be a sound business case that shows that the network has the potential to provide significant revenue, after opreations and payments that could be used for community purposes such as economic develpment which is now  funded primarily from the local tax base.

This connectivity will help the community attract new business and residents who will either be users or developers of technologies. In todays world high levels of connectivity are important factors in the location decision making process .This is especially so if want to keep and attract young families and entrpreneurs.

In my view this network can be equated to the important role played by the CPR in developing western Canada. I look at the CPR mainline as akin to the Alberta Supernet while  similarily the branch line role could be played by the Olds Fibre Optic network. This network is the ‘first mile’ for Olds interms of technological development as the community pioneers and fosters the ‘culture of use” . I am looking for forward to a bountiful harvest as the network is deployed and employed by its users.

I’ve joined a new Real Estate team!

I celebrated my birthday this year by launching a new phase for my real estate career.  After 16 very satisfying years within a family-owned real estate office, I have ventured into the networked world of CIR Realty.  I welcome you all to my new offices where I continue to meet the needs of buyers and sellers looking for homes, lease properties, businesses, or industrial property.

The changing nature of the regional real estate market was a major motivation. I felt that taking advantage of connections with the Calgary real estate community would result in more opportunity for our region. The individuals I have met during the first weeks in CIR have definitely given me support, encouragement and ideas for a host of new approaches for marketing and featuring our community for investment.

The  attraction of business and industry and development of new jobs in our area has been a long-standing added objective of mine. This is a natural carry-over from my previous role as Director of Economic Development for Olds, and prior to that as the Executive Director of a regional grouping of small rural communities in Central Alberta who worked together to grow their communities.  My experience in the whole range of real estate and economic development issues makes me the ideal choice for comprehensive service – assisting with resources and networking to ensure integration into the community with ease and the least stress.

While I have been focussing on many housekeeping issues necessary in the transition to CIR Realty, I feel this website is very worthwhile to my customers and newcomers to our community. I welcome you to contribute with comments on my website and blogs, and hope that together we can continue to improve this website as a source of information, connection to the community, and a one-stop portal to many of the resources and activities that make Olds and area such an attractive region in which to live, work and play.

Olds Hockey Grads in AHL Play Offs

 Two graduates of the Olds minor hockey program, Jay Rosehill (Olds Grizzlys)  and now with the Toronto Marlies is pitted against Jason Jaffray of the Manitoba Moose  in the American Hockey League playoffs. This opening round matchup is all even at two and two thus making it now  a best of three. Next game is April 23 in Toronto. What a proud moment that must be for their  respective local families and all Olds hockey fans!!