Grand Opening of It’s a Jungle


Grand Opening of It’s a Jungle -Seems like yesterday this young entrepreneur spread her wings. Since then, she married, moved to a new and larger space under her personal rebranding to “Sparkling Dahlia”.  We have celebrated with her at each step.

Now she and hubby have sold the business and moved to Manitoba where the fishing is legendary, the sunsets on the lake are stunning, and she is able to bring her creativity to the area where she grew up.  She has taken her education, superlative service skills, design and sense of fun to heights well beyond our dreams and expectations. She has proven that great service works in small town Alberta. She has left a multitude of well-wishers and customers eager to visit the spots she raves about on their next trip out east. We will beating a path to her new door soon – because the kind of relationships we cherish are built on life’s celebrations and living life to the max.

OLD POST -I am very pleased to announce that my customer Erin Leutschaft has shown true entrepreneurial spirit in the purchase of the flower shop on Mainstreet Carstairs known as It’s a Jungle. Her Grand Opening celebration  was on August 15, 2009 . Needless to say she was gratified by the initial response and looks forward to providing a continued high level of service to her existing and new customers.

Her passion for flowers started an early age and grew as took the Floral Design Program and Olds College. Upon graduating in 2002 she has worked in the industry and run her own on-line  and home-based wedding flower business.  I am certain that her new storefront location will compliment and help her expand her wedding business. Oh! and by the way she delivers.

One of the interesting lines she will soon be adding  in gift wear selection is that she has found a supplier that will provide her with unique hand crafted products made by Women of Afganistan.

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Goodbye to the Olds High School Building Reunion

This unique reunion is for all former staff and students of the Olds Jr/Sr High School. It will be held October 16-18, 2009. As the completion of the new Community Learning Campus draws near it seems like a good time to commemorate the Olds high school along with all the people that were affected during the course of its existence as learning institution.

For more information please call  403 556 3391`.

Olds Sustainable Garden Tour with Jim Hole

The Green Thumb….. Green Life, Garden tour is the first annual garden tour for the Olds Municipal Library as a fund raiser for its building expansion project. The theme for for this years tour is sustainable yards. It will be held on Saturday July18, 2009  beginning at 10:30 am and culminating at 3:00 pm with High Tea at the Olds College Botanic Gardens.The tea also is featuring a  special guest speaker in the person of Jim Hole a noted Alberta horticulturalist.

The cost per is $30.00 and can be puchased by calling 403 556 6460 or visting the Library. Come on out and visit the sustainable Olds through selected yards in our community.

Olds Sustainable Living and Pathways 2 Sustainability Conference

Some members of the Olds Advisory Group for Sustainable Living had the recent opportunity to attend a conference in Cochrane. Our initiatives around the “grass roots model” of community-driven projects and input to governance were featured. Mayor Judy Dahl, Olds Institute Chair Stirling McLeod, and our Director of Corporate Affairs and guide along the pathway to sustainability for Olds, Nina Gales did an outstanding job in representing our projects and processes. Cody Becker, the new Chair of the Olds Advisory Group for Sustainable Living (OAGSL), along with committee members Caroline Bodmer, and Carol Jorgenson also attended and learned that the host of communities making great strides is growing.

We are fortunate to have had such a strong jump start in Olds, having the funding from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association to run our processes as one of 5 communities operating as pilot projects. If anyone was part of those first community workshops to help create the vision for our community, you can take great pride in reviewing the Olds Sustainability Strategic Plan, and the review of progress during the first year.  There is always room at the Olds Institute and the OAGSL tables for people who want to become more contributors to these processes, and no matter what the new or old wisdoms are that are brought to these tables, you can rest assured that you will find help in identifying resources and connections that will help build momentum for your project.

Caroline relayed enthusiastically on her return that she really enjoyed the chance to meet a wide variety of people and heard excellent speakers who have been leaders in sustainable thinking. Check out the Town of Olds website for more info!

Olds Approves New Residential Subdivision

Town Council has recently given approval for further planning and the first phase of construction on the “Richardson” subdivision located in a recently annexed portion of south west Olds. Phase one of the Area Structure Plan that has now been adopted which will allow for the new Catholic School and related collector roads.

In  addition  phase two calls for the development of 109 housing units. The remaining phases provide  for the staged development of approximatley  870 residential units comprising  the various densities associated with Ri,R2. and R3 zoning. This sub division  has a ten to 15 year development horizon.

Olds Fibre to Premise Test Project

The Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development(OICRD) through its Technology Committe is proposing a test project for later this summer. The test purpose is two fold. Firstly it will allow  for the laying of  a quarter inch pipe rather than the more conventional two inch pipe. By testing the pipe  size which contains the the fibre cable the Committee can determine the technical and financial feasibility  of using the smaller pipe for the entire project.

Secondly the test also will enable the Committee to evaluate  the performance of the construction and management team that has been chosen . It will also give the Committee an accurate gauge for the entire project.

One of the underlying principles of the The Fibre to the Premise intiative is that the community will own the fibre infrastructure and that the Technology Committee will actively seek an internet service provider (ISP) that would provide broadband internet access. It is anticipated that the ISP would pay for using the fibre highway and the Committee is in negotiations with a number of providers. In addition by owning the Network the community will be in a more advantageous position to advance the Towns  economic and social amenities to the Canadian market place.

Ride For Sight Coming to Olds AB.

This national fund raising event will be held at the Olds Agricultural Society fairgrounds on the weekend of June 12,13,14 2009. The Alberta Ride for Sight parades will be departing from three locations  in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. You can call

1 888 547 4448 for details.

The Ride For Sight is the longest running motorcycle charity fundraiser in Canada. Over the years since 1979 the Ride For Sight has grown from a small local fundraising event to national charity which raises more than one million dollars annually. This makes Ride For Sight not only the largest charity motorcycle event in Canada, but the single largest fundraiser for vision research in the world!

Numerous events are scheduled over the weekend such as the popular Show and Shine , Bike Games, Motorcycle Stunt Show and the Motorcycle Parade through Town.

As with most events of this nature there are lots opportunities to Volunteer.

For more information about registration, event schedules, volunteering or paricipating in the event please visit