10 Bay Commercial Building For Sale in Downtown Didsbury AB

MLS:    C 1026394

Address:   2130-20 Street Didsbury AB

Size:  12000 square feet plus parking

Price:  $1,600,000.00

Comments :  

This entire property is available for purchase at $1,600,000.00.  It is comprised of up to 10 individual bays @ 1200 sq. ft each or multiples thereof, with ample front street and off street parking. Bays 1,2, 3,&4 now leased

This is a co-listing with Glenn Moore of Century 21 Advantage Commercial in Red Deer, AB.

Please call or email Hugh for further details or to view. (1 403-556-0262)

A detailed property description follows the pictures below.  Read on for more info.

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Location, location, location
Didsbury is a beautiful town located in the heart of Central Alberta, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Rocky Mountains. The town offers a unique mix of seniors development, a strong business centre and modern recreational & educational facilities for young families.

With a regional airport just minutes away and rail right in town, transportation of goods or
personnel is completely accessible on well maintained, modern highways and secondary roads.  It’s more than just ‘on the map’.  Easy to find.  Easy to get there.  Easy to get everywhere else.

That is the answer to so many questions asking why Didsbury is such a great place to locate a business or raise a family.  All the necessities for a great family experience are easy to find, right in Didsbury.

Need big city amenities? Downtown Calgary and Red Deer are both less than an hour away.  Big box store shopping?  Ten minutes away.  An hour east lie the Badlands and an hour west puts you in the Rockies.  Six kilometres east, the Queen Elizabeth II highway, the artery that carries the commerce of the continent connects Didsbury quickly to the world.  Whether it’s Calgary International Airport, the industrial heartland, the distribution hubs, regional and national corporate offices; they are as handy to business in Didsbury as they are to virtually any other part of the province.

Bring your best venture to Didsbury
When you research the best locations for growing an enterprise, Didsbury will come out near the top for Alberta communities.  Alberta Venture completed an exhaustive study and found Didsbury to be one of the top five communities in Alberta to do business.  Who knew?  Well, people who live and work in the region have known for some time that in Didsbury lease rates are lower, serviced industrial land and taxes are lower and turnaround on development permits is expedient.  Those are impressive deliverables, especially when combined with leading-edge zoning and land-use philosophies.

In Alberta, affordability is an element that sets a community apart.  In Didsbury, land prices, labour and development costs are typically lower than in larger centres,  translating into a more attractive residential and commercial development environment.  Starter homes in Didsbury can still be purchased in a suitable price range for younger families looking for a comfortable setting and a sound investment.  Affordability extends to other popular housing choices, including condominiums and apartments with designs that are attractive to seniors and empty-nesters.  Lower home prices and building costs mean lower assessments, but Didsbury maintains a competitive advantage over nearby cities by delivering high levels of service.  This hasn’t been lost on big city media, who often cite the hidden gem, Didsbury, as the antidote to inflated prices.

It is the availability of services and professionals, like doctors, dentists, modern facilities for education and recreation that complete the equation.  All of the benefits without all of the costs translates into enduring affordability.


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