Just Listed 95 Acres of Bare Industial Land in Olds

We have just listed  95.8 acres of bare land in Olds for Industrial purposes. The property lies wholly with in  the East Olds Industrial Area Structure Plan. Municipal services are available to the property line at 60 St. and 48 Ave. It has visible access to Highway 2A and adjoins the existing industrial park.

Olds is a community that given its location just 45 minutes north of Calgary,  it is poised for growth.Others have seen it as the new Cornerstone development features among others: WalMart,Sobeys,Canadian Tire, Mark’s Work Wear House , Tim Hortons, Staples.

The town has recentlyannexed 900 acres of land which has resulted in new residential developments.

The new Community Economic Development Officer is now in place to support development initiatives.

The community is exploring a town wide Fibre Optic Cable Network for all businesses and residents. This implications of this connectivity is mind boggling as it further demonstrate the fact that ‘I do not know what I do not know” in regards to the potential of the Fibre Optic network  and how will enhance this industrial land opportunity.

 A bonus feature is that the parcel is located adjacent to Olds Colege with all its inherent possibilities for training, consulting, applied research , and exposure to industrial partnership opportunities.The property is also ideally suited for an Eco Industial Park , the concept for which is supported by the Olds Sustainablity Strategic Plan.

I have the recent good fortune of having partnered with Tom Sherry of CIR in Calgary to co- list  and help market this great Industrial Land Opportunity.

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