Olds Grizzlys Alumni in NHL

It has been great to see the Olds Grizzlys and Olds Minor Hockey alumni in the NHL news and games over the past months. As a long-time volunteer and supporter of our local levels of hockey in the development process, it has been gratifying to hear the names of young men we have had the pleasure of knowing, achieve their dreams of playing on NHL franchises. These players like Nathan Lawson (who stayed with us over several seasons) and Jason Jaffray (who we have admired as an exceptional hockey player and contributor to the hockey programs in Olds as a graduate of the minor hockey programs), as well as our much-admired Jay Rosehill, (whose entire family has been a strong contribution to sports in general and specifically the success of the Grizzlys) show how strongly the development levels of hockey contribute to the success of the “big show”.  Now, if we could just get some kickback from the NHL teams for developing this talent over the years it takes, the financial success of teams like the Grizzlys would be less of an ongoing challenge. Enjoy the games, and reflect on the role this organization has had in building opportunities for these and other exceptional young men who have been grown or have passed through our community!

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