Olds Sustainable Living and Pathways 2 Sustainability Conference

Some members of the Olds Advisory Group for Sustainable Living had the recent opportunity to attend a conference in Cochrane. Our initiatives around the “grass roots model” of community-driven projects and input to governance were featured. Mayor Judy Dahl, Olds Institute Chair Stirling McLeod, and our Director of Corporate Affairs and guide along the pathway to sustainability for Olds, Nina Gales did an outstanding job in representing our projects and processes. Cody Becker, the new Chair of the Olds Advisory Group for Sustainable Living (OAGSL), along with committee members Caroline Bodmer, and Carol Jorgenson also attended and learned that the host of communities making great strides is growing.

We are fortunate to have had such a strong jump start in Olds, having the funding from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association to run our processes as one of 5 communities operating as pilot projects. If anyone was part of those first community workshops to help create the vision for our community, you can take great pride in reviewing the Olds Sustainability Strategic Plan, and the review of progress during the first year.  There is always room at the Olds Institute and the OAGSL tables for people who want to become more contributors to these processes, and no matter what the new or old wisdoms are that are brought to these tables, you can rest assured that you will find help in identifying resources and connections that will help build momentum for your project.

Caroline relayed enthusiastically on her return that she really enjoyed the chance to meet a wide variety of people and heard excellent speakers who have been leaders in sustainable thinking. Check out the Town of Olds website for more info!

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