Olds Fibre to Premise Test Project

The Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development(OICRD) through its Technology Committe is proposing a test project for later this summer. The test purpose is two fold. Firstly it will allow  for the laying of  a quarter inch pipe rather than the more conventional two inch pipe. By testing the pipe  size which contains the the fibre cable the Committee can determine the technical and financial feasibility  of using the smaller pipe for the entire project.

Secondly the test also will enable the Committee to evaluate  the performance of the construction and management team that has been chosen . It will also give the Committee an accurate gauge for the entire project.

One of the underlying principles of the The Fibre to the Premise intiative is that the community will own the fibre infrastructure and that the Technology Committee will actively seek an internet service provider (ISP) that would provide broadband internet access. It is anticipated that the ISP would pay for using the fibre highway and the Committee is in negotiations with a number of providers. In addition by owning the Network the community will be in a more advantageous position to advance the Towns  economic and social amenities to the Canadian market place.

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