Scholarship for Olds Grizzlys Grad

Curtis DeBruyn after a four year tour with the Olds Grizzlys Junior A Hockey Team, and most recently as  its Captain, has signed a letter of intent to play Division One NCCA Hockey with  the University of Alabama Huntsville Chargers. He will be heading south for the 2009/10 season.

To me as a Grizzly fan, volunteer and past president of the Team, this announcement makes it all worth while. Curtis is a fine example of a young man and exceptionally skilled athlete who has, through hard work and diligence at school, has been able to leverage his athletic ability into a scholarship that  will allow him to continue to purse  both hockey and education at the same time and earn a Degree. As a teacher by training, this is why I am proud to be Grizzlys volunteer.

Curtis will be joining  fellow Grizzly alumni ; Bruce M ulherin (2001/02) and Tyler Hilbert ( 2003/04) who  earlier having both played at Alabama Huntsville.

For a complete list of Grrizlys players who have obtained scholarships over the years. please check out the following link to the Olds Grizzlys website at

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