Olds AB Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) Project Launches

The Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development,  through its Technology Committee, has initiated the FTTP project in Olds,  with the intent of making the dream of a SuperNet connected community a reality.  The FTTP is a 100% fibre-optic based communications network for local residential and business customers.  Fiber-optics are very tiny strands of glass/plastic that are bundled into cables and used to transmit information coded in pulses of light.  The network is proposed to be installed throughout the community by burying cable in the ground and hanging cable on utility poles.  It will be built past every home and business in the Town of Olds.

The Network willl provide customers with access to the triple play of voice (telephone) video/television and internet.  The Networks chief advantages are expected to be in terms of improved quality of services, expanded HDTV channel offwerings and faster internet downloading and uploading for much the same cost as existing providers.  The Technolgy Committee is currently working with a number of licensed internet service providers.

At this time, the Institute has retained the services of FIOPT Communication Services which is a network planning and design and consulting firm specializing in fibre optic networks to design the Olds Network.  “The FIOPT contract will provide the Committee with accurate numbers on the total meters of conduit and fiber required for the network, plus details on the actual number of single family residences, multi family facilities and businessess, both store front and home based operations,” states Chairman Joe Gustafson.  “This will allow us to move quickly to obtaining firm quotations for the actual installation work, hopefully commencing later this spring.”  For further information see http://www.oldsinstitute.com/tech.html

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